When will I be billed?

Your billing date will be determined on the date of your first payment. For example, if you paid on January 1st and you have a monthly subscription, you will receive your next charge on February 1st, then March 1st, etc.

If you forget when you placed your order, just sign in to your account and you can find your next renewal date under Your Subscription(s). 

However, if you have an order date of the 31st or 30th, your renewal date will be pushed to accommodate months that do not have those dates. 

For example: If your subscription was started on January 31st, it will renew on February 28th or 29th (If it is a Leap Year). In March, the renewal date will be the 28th or 29th and that will be set as your new billing date. If you would like to have your renewal date changed back to the 30th of the month, please contact our support team at customerservice@artcrate.co